Welcome to our site, a resource for Spanish language students and educators. The collection of videos found here draws from a variety of sources, primarily journalistic or artistic. Almost none of the videos were created for the purpose of language instruction; instead each one stands on its own as a cultural artifact. In our courses, these materials have been repurposed to provoke discussion, reinforce concepts, analyze speech, and generally explore Spanish language and culture.

In terms of categorization, you’ll notice the videos are grouped according to theme rather than level, with the exception of the page “Para principiantes” (“For beginners”). The designations are somewhat arbitrary, however. Many of the videos address more than one concept and contain rich linguistic structures that can be teased apart in different ways. Each video bears a caption with the title and keywords that refer to the content. When the resource is a movie, only the trailer is included. Movies can be requested through the University library at

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